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Highlighting the most amazing race directors, athletes, and influencers in the trail and ultra running, mountain biking, and endurance sports community. Orange Mud's endurance crew is on a quest to learn as much as possible about the people in front and behind the scenes of today's endurance sports.
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Mar 30, 2017

We are very excited to have the rock star from Texas, a guy that puts on a ton of trail run events, has his own apparel company, and has an amazing back story that led him on this journey, Rob Goyen, the race director of Trail Racing Over Texas. He has an amazing back story of weight loss and addiction that was transformed into endurance rowing, running, and the creation of one of the strongest trail and ultra running race series in the country. 

Link below, but also syndicated on iTunes, Google Play, Libsyn, Stitcher, and Tunein. 


  • Founder of the Trail Racing Over Texas series
  • NoFinePrint Clothing Co
  • Movie producer of the newest Texas Trail Blazer Movie
  • Bad ass of all things.
  • Wearer of wild suits.
  • Houston Trail Runners Founder


Mar 23, 2017

Nickademus Hollon started racing in High School. Not just 5k's or track like most of us, he ran 100 miles once in high school too! We dug into training tips, lifting in support of running and activating muscles, Barkley, Badwater, Tor des Geants, Fat Dog, and some other amazing races that he's tackled or will be tackling soon like the Double Brutal. 


  • Ran first 100 miles on a track while in high school to raise money for a friend battling Leukemia
  • Youngest finisher of Badwater 135
  • Youngest and one of 14 people to finish the Barkley Marathons
  • First American on the podium at Tor des Geants (205 mile race with over 78,000ft of gain in the Italian Alps)
  • Course Record Holder at Fat Dog 120
Mar 10, 2017

Many people know of Craig from being the race director of the Western States 100. But many don't know that he is also the co founder of the Waldo 100k, an accomplished rock climber, has an insane one mile speed record, and is running in the WS100 this year as well as racing in it. We had a lot of fun picking his brain about the event history, growth, challenges and more, plus had some fun learning who Mr. Lord Balls is and where in the world that name came from. You might even learn something about bloody nipples in this one. 


  • WS100 Race Director
  • He has a best time of WS100 best time, 18:25
  • Stud rock climber, including the Nose of El Capitan
  • Waldo 100k Co Founder and Race Director
  • You ran a 4:33 mile back in, well, we’ll just say in high school. That’s fast!
  • Anything else you want us to list?